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Interestingly enough, natural quinine extracted from quinine bark and the use of natural bark tea and/or bark extracts are making a comeback in the management and treatment of malaria.

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Cinchona, or quinine bark, is one of the rainforest's most famous plants and most important discoveries. Legend has it that the name cinchona came from the countess of Chinchon, the wife of a Peruvian viceroy, who was cured of a malarial type of fever by using the bark of the cinchona tree in 1638.

It was supposedly introduced to European medicine in 1640 by the countess of Chinchon, even before botanists had identified and named the species of tree.

Our company is located in Guatemala, where we grow, process and export finely grinded Cinchona succirubra bark to countries like Holland, Germany and SE Asia.

We are aware that the scarcity of quinine salts and its 15-fold pricing from source to sink, makes the task for Malaria Control -a difficult journey.


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