Our company is located in Guatemala, where we grow, process and export finely grinded Cinchona succirubra bark to countries like Holland, Germany and SE Asia.

We are aware that the scarcity of quinine salts and its 15-fold pricing from source to sink, makes the task for Malaria Control -a difficult journey.

In view of these drawbacks, my company has envisioned a strategy that might bring some relief overall. This is to market the finely grinded bark in TEA BAGS so that these can be used and distributed within a NEW scope and strategy, since the traditional remedy used for ages consists of 1-2 grs per day of powdered bark in tables or capsules; and patient-wise (for completion of treatment) we are substituting this alternative by using our newly manufactured and patented blend of flavored and sweetened cinchona bark tea bags. Its flavor masques the typical bitter taste of quinine alkaloids, and make it highly effective for patient not to drop its treatment, because of a taste factor.
Next to this, and more importantly, we are framing and marketing with our NEW Quinine-Tea bags, a sound, economical and natural option for treatment of various illnesses which are regularly prescribed for using quinine salts, such as:

Nocturnal leg cramps
Intestinal parasites and protozoa
Heart arrhythmia and other heart conditions

This natural botanical raw material, in the form and blend prescribed, is a strong option in line with modern alternative medicine, and will surely fit up-to-date consumer demands, as projected and shown with WHO data, related to the increased used of alternative medicine worldwide.


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