Quinine Tea
Use of Formula, dosage and preparation

Use of Formula

With seven bags, one a day for a liter of water or less, can cured to a patient affected by the Malaria. The medicine acts as a preventive form as curative.


To take or 1 cup from tea, 5 times at day (a liter) by a period of 7 days.

Standard dosages of infusions are generally one teacup (6 9 grs), two or three times daily. The whole dosage for a day can be prepared in the morning (5 cups all together), and to refrigerate the remainder until be ready to use.



To prepare an infusion, the water is brought just to a boil and then poured in a recipient, it is covered y the tea and allowed to sit/steep for 5 - 7 minutes or so.

It can be prepared in the drinking cup (by just pouring the heated water over the bags-tea in the cup) or by dropping the bags into the pot which the water.

The infusions are best prepared as needed and taken the same day it was prepared and can be taken hot, warm, or cold.


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